Wonder Ducks

Client: Oregon Women's Basketball

Role: Videographer, Co-Producer

Wonder Ducks Logo.png

The ask:  

1. Increase attendance at Oregon Ducks women’s basketball games from the 2017 average of 2,595 fans per game.

2. Improve Oregon’s crowd size from the current standing as 47th best among Division I schools.

Single Most Compelling Idea: 

Strong, accomplished, badass individuals combine to make an epic team.


 "Paint Power"

 (Ruthy Hebard)

Ruthy's super power is the "Power In the Paint." The Idea behind the video is that Ruthy is a contemporary painter who uses her basketball to splatter-paint. We follow Ruthy as she paints a beautiful green and yellow piece on the University of Oregon Campus.

 "Miss Triple double"  

(Sabrina Ionescu) 

Sabrina's super power  is "Miss Triple Double." The idea for this video is that Sabrina is a chef that only knows how to make triple-double hamburgers. We follow Sabrina through her process of cooking up a fresh triple double for someone to eat in a University of Oregon kitchen.

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