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Who is Scotty ?

I was born Eric Scott Williams II, but everyone calls me Scotty. I'm a 22 year old pizza connoisseur from the rainy city of Portland Oregon. Most days you can find me listening to music and plotting world domination. I hope to share my outlandish views with you on the world.



Create work that provokes thought and action

Work for a company that I can call family

Go on tour playing guitar

Publish a (sus) comic book

Inspire youth to be creative

Retire happily in Japan

Life Outlook:

Why be stressed when you can be full?


My Favorite Albums:

My music taste is really whatever catches my ear. My favorite instruments are the saxophone, bass and piano/keyboard. I usually know I like a song because I'll find myself whistling an instrument part.

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My Role Models:

The messages I took from learning about these three are acceptance of others, having a positive outlook on things, and the necessity for peace. I think that if everyone could work on improving these three things, the world would be a better place.

My Inspirational outlook:

In the video Jaden Smith says, "if we aren't allowed to use each others ideas why are we even all on the same planet." The idea of drawing inspiration from others is something that I support. Most of the time I draw my inspiration from my friends and family.

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