Barber Shop Talk


I spent countless hours in the barbershop as I was growing up. For me, it was an atmosphere where I felt at home. As I got older and started to find my personal passion and connected with photograph, I better understood that cutting hair is an art. The goal of this project was to show the attention to detail it takes be a successful barber and connect with your clients. I also used a variety of ages and genders to show that EVERYONE is invited into the barbershop. At the time of the project I procured a 50-250mm lens and these photos were the perfect opportunity to highlight this new tool. During this project, I also shot video for the first time with my camera.  This work served as a great stepping stone in my continuous growth as a Photographer.  

Shout out to Packasso Barbershop, Portland Oregon and Blessings Barbershop,  Eugene Oregon for permitting me to shoot in their facilities.

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